We've been building top quality, customer driven applications for hundreds of clients, for over a decade. From one person startups, to Fortune 500 enterprises and non-profits.

Closeup is one of them.

What follows is a small part of Closeup's story.

Rethinking mobile ticketing

When touring, bands often find it hard to secure good venues. From arenas packed out by A-list artists all the way down to indie bands playing house concerts, there's a huge opportunity for disruption.

And Closeup has the team who knows how to do it.

Closeup offers influencers and content creators like musicians a flexible yet powerful fan engagement platform, complete with an innovative ticketing app powered by SMS messages.

Vrasa crafted this SMS product from top to bottom, and we fixed a myriad of code issues with their main web app along the way.

Crafting a meaningful experence

Many hours of internal and external research gave us a deep understanding of the needs of potential Closeup customers. Vrasa helped to identify the value Closeup could bring to the table, and where they could differentiate their SMS product from other solutions.

A major challenge that any startup faces is product to market fit. We helped guide Closeup down that path of discovery while eliminating UI/UX problems and replacing those friction-causing touchpoints with a better experience.

Connecting through messaging

Their website is the first place most customers "meet" Closeup.fm. We optimized the website for viewing across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, and we also aggressively moved customers from the web over to the SMS product.

Why? Once people gave us their mobile numbers, we were able to follow up and boost conversions.

"Meet people where they already are" is the name of the adoption game, and text messaging is where people already are.

The smart course of action for Closeup was to enable customers to complete their ticket purchase on their phones, which they have near them every minute of every day.

"Vrasa? Expensive and brilliant. Both no-nonsense and caring. A get-it-done mindset melded with far-sighted decision-making. We got functional software, but more importantly, we gained access to a business brain trust. Highest recommendation."

Austin L. Church

Co-Founder Closeup